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So a few days ago we call in Town to Town movers in Worcester to give us a quote to move a two bedroom town house into a one bedroom apartment. So apparently the owner thought it was a good idea to send his 15 year old son to do this job.

SO he looks around and gives us a quote of $500. Ok thats great and on top of that he gives us a coupon for $25 even better. Well too good to be true. Today is moving day and we are at the house.

They are on time and ready to move. We give them the check and uh oh they only accept cash , ok so i run to the bank and cash the check i hand them the cash and the coupon. The man tells me "we cant accept this" i asked well why. He says we just cant, i wastold directly from my boss not to accept your coupon.

So not only did i have to go to the bank one time i had to go another to get 25 more dollars for these people. So i went throught the drive through and could only take out incriments of 20 so i took out 40 assuming one of the 7 people there would have change. I get back to the house and what do you they tell me we are not allowed to make change for you. So again i need to leave and go to a store to get change for them to have their cash that no doubt they are not claiming on income.

So they begin to move all of the furniture for the woman i am helpng and i haer them talking in the kitchen ablut how dirty the house is and how dusty it is maing snide remarks obout someone should clean up the house. Very unprofessional. Upon moving in asking where things would go if they were not annsered right away there were snickering and faces made begind the homeowners back.

Extremely unprofessional. The moving itself was good but everything leading up to and after was a bunch of garbage and i would NEVER reccomend this moving company to ANYONE!

Review about: Town To Town Movers Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Debbie Debarge Loves to post old reviews from 2013

Doesn't she need a life?


This review was posted on their page in 2011- Debbie Debarge get a life!


You should probably invest in either and IPhone for spell check or go back to school.

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I recently hired a moving company in Worcester and had a great experience. I am shocked to hear your story.

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