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We hired Town to Town movers to help us move yesterday. My husband called them for the estimate, as we had no appliances to move, just 2 dressers, 2 beds, 1 sofa, 1 kitchen table, and 2 glass top end tables and 1 glass top coffee table, and boxes of our belongings.

Throughout the move, I heard "F this, F that, etc," although it didnt seem to be directed at us. Once we arrived at our new place, one of the guys handed me 3 of the four bottom legs one of our entertainment centers and he said, "well, it was cheap, so its no big problem. " well, it is a problem. Wheres the 4th botton of the 4th one??

I waa also informed that my 3 month old computer desk was destroyed. And, we no longer have the glass top of our coffee table. But the worst part of all of this is, we were parked all the way up in the driveway and told them that we'd move it but they said no, lease it there, we have plenty of room. Well, they hit our car.

I have called this morning and no one has called back or responded to our 2 emails. Ive checked their web site and it says nothing about them being closed. I need a desk, I need the entertainment for the living room, thats what our tv goes on, and i need my glasd for my table. While this might not seem like much to other people, I lost EVERYTHING I've ever owned 18 months ago.

Even worse, we paid 200 in advance and we were told that there no way it should exceed 600 total. Well, when it was time to pay, they insisted 2 hundered more. And now the deductible to fix our car that they hit with the truck. So, here we sit, waiting.

If we dont hear by the end of the day, I guess we will have to call a lawyer. I just wanted things make right but it seems like they dont car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Town To Town Movers Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Broken furniture, Missing furniture parts, Property damage to our car, Threw trash on ground next our steps.

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Type youwow... very strange why didn't you call the companies office and state the men are using vulgar language in your home??

I would have....

At least the guy showed you the damages instead of covering it up like other moving companies get away with.

If you were worried about the moving truck hitting your personal vehicle why would you take it upon yourself to ASK the question to the movers if you should move it.... sounds like a dumb move.

If a company vehicle hits yours you wouldn't be responsible for the deductible seeing as though the companies insurance covers this.

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